LHP Suite Rivisondoli

The unmistakable stretch mountain embraces harmoniously the modern design lhp, draw the new form of hosting.

To rivisondoli, in abruzzo, in the wider area of the national park of the majella, arise the new and finely designed apartments LHP SUITES.

To limits dell'altopiano of the common of rivisondoli arises roccaraso, the more important Sky station of appennine; to his shoulders, to groundwater northern of the mountain ordeal, instead, rivisondoli is from city of pescocostanzo: city of art and of big traditions and culture. the three countries, achievable afoot the a the other are a ideal triangle territorial of extraordinary tourist importance , cultural and environmental, equipped and integrated for offer one holiday of quality, is for the season summer that especially winter


LHP Suite Rivisondoli

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